Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Yet May Be

If you are to cross my path today,
if light is soon to fade
so that the darken'd mind
of my souls eye
shall become enlightened,

and if you shall bring end
to the empty everything
that is here and now,
then I have but one
simple request.

If day shall give lease
to the Stars of gold,
one world to the next,
and the stairs of Heav'n
are placed in my path,

then in my slumber
give me knowledge of all.
Or else, in my dreams
of here and reality,
forever let me rest.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Turned my head from the face that was there
Torn my heart from the love that will never be
Taken myself from the empty place
That place that means everything to me

How is it I'll survive?
How can I live a dreamless life
Hungering for the dreams of my heart
Here is a place that means nothing to me

I'll tear myself from the reality
I'll tear myself from the virtuality
I'll lose myself except for me
I'll stay alone with everyone, no-one near

Staying tonight are my memories
Staying beside me is no-one
Stuck in a rut? No
Simply leaving the empty full for all nothing

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rumors of Knowledge

Many a billion of people
Are wrapped up in their lives,
Not selfishly; simply consumed
By an innocent ignorance.
It is said that all these people
Have their own 'worldviews',
Know their own 'realities'.
Maybe, but see wider.
These 'worldviews' do not
Encapsulate the world.
These 'realities' do not know
Of far and distant truths.
At a man's most intellectual
He is but a blade amongst a field.
Of all the views of the world,
Man sees no more than his partial reality.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Time Is Now

Left, right, forward and back,
with the thoughts of yesterday
and philosophies gone by
at the head of now's mind.
On the other hand, whichever
of the countless hands it
seems to be, it seems to me
that tomorrow has arrived.
Heat below rises; the chill of
a winterless winter night
leave the only worthy tools I own
in a sad and hopeless state.
It's a paradoxical world.
It's a series of colliding lives.
Whatever the madness may be,
it is a sensibly random collision of beauty.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Sense of Everything

Visionless art
in a world of sight,
a world known best
in the heart of the blind.

What we see is knowledge,
but feelings are forgotten.

The ways of the world
are beyond understanding.
The ways of out there
are beyond knowledge.

What we see is knowledge,
but feelings are forgotten?

We narrow our lines
to left, right, and centre.
So what of the lines
that can not be seen?

What we know is knowledge,
but knowledge is worth nothing.

Three hundred and sixty
degrees of sound, unlimited
dimensions of touch and taste.
To feel and to be are real.

What we are is everything and
everything we are is only in one.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Cold Embrace

I walked for a long time
on a narrow path of light,
with promise that the sun
would show in darkest night.

But maybe I was foolish,
for this was not my destiny.
All the words, all the lies,
were not what would come to me.

I've been asked to forgive
the liars that have beset my life,
to forget the pain in my spine,
to forget the bloodied knife.

I forgive, I forget, as I
have done time and time before.
But now I take my place in darkness;
to the light, I close the door.