Monday, November 26, 2012

Stardust In Our Blood

We idolize and fantasize about celebrities and cars.
We dream of, one day, being them and shooting for the stars.
When we're young, there's no such thing as a body of potential,
because we have no limits, we're unstoppable, immortal.

Our senses are bombarded at every single turn,
eyes blinded by the lights for which we are taught to yearn.
We are deafened and lose touch as we take in reality.
But the fact of the matter is what is what is nought but dreams.

What is in fact a fact, the real reality,
is unknown now to most, just a barren wadi.
What is important, the core of truth, can still be found if sought.
It is more and less than currency, something riches never bought.

The fact is, there is no point in reaching for the stars,
for the blood that runs through our veins came from the heavens afar.
This is not a cause to do nothing to aid in our progression,
but to realise that your blood is the worthiest possession.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Damn the Valley

How we are deceived
by the innocent,
by those who never knew,
by the ignorant. 

It makes you wonder
if it is ignorance at all?
How could the obvious
be so small?

It's been some time since
this feeling, or lack of,
has punctured my heart,
my hopes, my dove. 

Days and weeks of
letting go and holding on. 
Months, a year of falling into
a pair of nowhere arms. 

My light is gone, at least
not in the angel I once saw. 
But damn the valley,
to the mountain peak I claw

to try and find the lost
light once more. 
That light is the reason
for life, for less, for all.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The World in a Window

A window is simply
a singular view;
a sole perception of
the face of the world.
Ignorance to the
actuality can lead us
to make wrong or
terrible choices.
Yet what choice
do we have, but
to choose those choices
according to the window?
In the end,
we are all blind.
The faults of the world
are our own.

Manly Conversation

We talk and we talk,
and we drink and we drink,
of manly things
despite what we think.

I try to bring in
emotional talk,
but the chance of that
is like I would walk.

Finally we reach
my territory,
after talking of never
could-be queens,

but even this is
simply childish;
it's a new and strange world
to join that I wish.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Lesson On Love; or why my heart hurts.

Love is a complex thing, made of
time, growth, and experiences.
They can not be spoken of independently,
but such is the lesson today.


Many have seen my writings of
an angel; she entered my life three
years ago to bring me
heaven and hell.

A seeming never ending saga began
in a chapel and a corridor. But I convinced myself of certain things
so that I would not fall.

Time goes on and so do I,
views change and so do I,
the world changes and so do I.
Time changes and my feelings glide

to new and unknowable, unthinkable
heights. I guess falling is not meant
for intention. So unintentionally,
unwittingly, uncontrollably, I fell.

Time has brought it's ups and downs,
created strange paths to hurt or
help the unsuspecting. Time has not
been kind, yet kinder than all.

Today is the feeling I had yesterday,
except more powerful than
tomorrow's could ever have
been conceived.

The problem with stopping 'now'
is that tomorrow will come. Destiny
can only be postponed for a
moment of forever.


When the angel first appeared, I
was a man (or boy?) of God. My,
how things have changed. Cynicism
and existentialism have lead my way

following a clarification on reality.
This moved me from faith to
confusion as my world fell down
beside me, a new world dawning.

Finally, a lesson was learnt on the
ability to find happiness with or
without and wherever you
happened to be. What a truth!

Faith and hope were gone to be
replaced by questions and laughter.
Friends were made and a light
rekindled; a love grown.

We understood each other more
with the absence of invisible beings.
We could speak of joyous things
with the absence of invisible beings.

Yet some things did not change;
I am unsure whether my hand
reaches for nothing, or if we are
passing lights on an empty road.

Whichever we were,
whatever we are,
our paths have still not crossed
and nothing has changed.


And yet how everything changes
in the dream of a solitary night. Well,
let us begin at the fore before the
dream of that solitary night.

It's never been more than casual conversation,
that's fine by me. At first it was
nothing more than a chat in a corridor,
while she mistakenly pulled my heartstrings.

It was followed by unmet invitations
(why did I not make the most of chance?!),
and invisible, technological,
empty conversations.

Finally, we meet again amidst a time
of social emptiness on my part. Oh,
the joy that she brought to a
lifeless, broken heart.

We would meet again, and the
New Year was not as terrible as
it could have been. Talking and
wanting and cliches coming true.

Things slowed down, but my feelings
did not. I would wait, look forward to
the meetings of tomorrow, the times
to see and talk and hope.

Daydreams would pass my way
and stories would fill my mind.
But I still yet wait for reality
to catch up with my dreams.

The Dream Of The Solitary Night

I was with my former contemporaries
discussing religion and politics,
apparently it was wrong to form
opinion not dictated by men in suits.

I looked outside to see a field filled
with more of those formers, and I
knew that she must be among them.
I searched and I searched;

my subconscious was on my side.
Her glowing hair, her glowing smile,
she was there in full form as only
she could be, at least to me.

My mother briefly enters and
mutters something (I wonder what
Freud would say?), but disappears
to leave us to our happiness.

I'm about to quote someone in my
usual pretentious way, when she
says to me, "I'm going to lean in
and kiss you now."

And she did.

It was amazing and perfect and
more than I could have dreamed.
I forgot my words when forever
broke, and she left with my heart again.

But it was a dream, just a dream.
My subconscious torturing me yet
again. I don't know what to do now,
but I hope for yesterday's dream tonight.

Parking Lot Ballads

What a voice! The tender
innocence (or is it ignorance?)
that caresses the moonlit
fire in the parking lot.
Generic OMG's and totally's
while trying to fit in with a
generic crowd of small brains,
big egos and testosterone.

Guitars and Dalmatians playing
to uninterested wheels under
the supermarket lights; there is no
audience but I.
Not the best, but better than
he's placed. I guess this is the way it
goes: money and geography
determining wealth and worth.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Filling in the Spaces of Heartbreak

There was a time when it
felt as though every cliche
came true. All lovey dovey;
complete feelings amidst an abyss.
I thought it was everything I wanted,
thought a shape was wrong and
meaningless. Now, I don't know…
Character? Intelligence? Physical
beauty? I thought it was all there?
Maybe I was wrong; maybe there
was nothing special except for all
that was special. Was it not?

What it was, what it wasn't; I can't
figure it out, I can't try to begin to.
It's been a knowledge of some time
that I must release, but this is one area
where the heart is more powerful
(or whatever chemicals they may
be), and it's been periods of triumph
and trauma. I think I now know what
heartbreak is, at least on some small
level. It is a crack, one that will
be there forever more. But, such a
cliche, maybe time heals everything…

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fools and Kings

Where were you when you heard the news?
Were you watching Fox or CNN?
Making love with the one you adored?
Or was the cruciality something you ignored?

Well I was at the Ferguson,
a strange mix of foreign politics and friends,
when I heard the king yet still reigned.
Hope yet remains while the king remains.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Picture Causes A Thousand Pains

I'm told I deserve it, happiness
and misery. But it simply
cannot happen. Technology,
geography, people and
imperfections in the way.
We know each other
better than ourselves,
and yet you remain a
mystery. Every cliche
you've ever heard is exactly
what you mean to me; the
cruelest being that all I want
is what I cannot have.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fashion Mistake of a Large Woman

It strains the seams,
pulling the material
beyond repair and

The jelly seeps
overboard like
survivors escaping
to safer shores.

The effort that she
must take, squeezing
those things where they
cannot fit, it is

an incredible, nay,
a Herculean feat.
And what's the point?
They're just shoes…

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The amber afternoon
through the eyes of
the Devil's dew.

Bluer than blue
in the eyes of
the grey barrier.

The talkings
of that specifically
ignorant, free zone.

Imagine if,
imagine if;
what if?

It's theory and
music and
never in beers. *

The Old Man

The sun rises and falls
while a man past respectable
years drives his motorbike
from the parking lot. A
silver knight? No,
just the homeward bound
carriage of always. *

Friday, October 19, 2012

Nought but Gods

The Gods are before us,
our vision is smeared by power.
We hear their thund'rous call as
power is bombarded upon the senses.

They are the leaders to be seen,
the leaders to be heard, they are
those of and for promises of life.

They define our lives, the lives of our
children, wearing jeans and power ties.

But everybody shits.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Maybes have driven me for all the time
I remember, a labyrinth of glass walls
and dead ends. Not able to tell whether looking through
to a happy tomorrow or a hopeful yesterday. The
voices in my mind, or of my mind?, keep me kept me
hoping and happy… almost masochistic. But maybes
cannot be held onto as will bes, the unsure cannot
define the definite. So I let go of the expectation of a
maybe while always holding hope in my heart. I am divided
at my soul; half full, half empty… more than the nothing it is.
The full hope will remind me of the yesterdays when I wanted
fuller tomorrows. The empty expectation creates a hole
that tries to fill itself with the Perfect Monster. But I hold on,
I do not let myself fall in any manner. I do not fall to the
depths from which I have climbed, I do not fall for
my heart and its hope. I rise to today.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Now and Tomorrow for Reason

The rise and fall of a
sober mind briefly permits
… clarity? Or less, or not?
Those single words are mentioned
and again, but they go the
other way; they are intended to be
heard… I am distracted to whatever
this is; distracted to now.

Tomorrow has come and the
permitted thusness remains.
I am young, I am selfish, I am
cynical; yet, I am not bad.
Experience will change with time
as will I, and maybe I will find my tree
or the reason for the forest.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Which way do they drive;
left, right, forwards or back?
I am confused by reflection.

This is not something new;
the physical strangeness of the world
has always been queer to me.

Of course, you can't say that now;
political correctness dictates a new
torrent of crap, more insulting than before.

Which way goes the world?
Up, down, forward or back?
I am confused by reflection.

Generic Title of Love & Rain

The rain, she falls,
she falls. I lie under
her drops, she falls,
she falls. I am massaged
by beauty as she falls,
she falls. I await a time
when elements amount
to love, when I can live
a sober day to remember
just how she falls,
she falls. More than a gull.
More than a squawk.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nothing More Than Nature

We start our lives fresh,
innocent. However, it does not
take long for the evil in the world
to take away that innocence.
Before we know it, we are being
led down a path that hardens us,
detaches us from what we once were.
Years turn into decades and our hands
are stained with the mistakes
of our lives. Lust for the continuous
notion of more and everything
remove us so far from the innocence
we once held. In the end, we wither.
From a birth of innocence,
to a death of potential shame.
However, shame is not the only
possible outcome. We will
make mistakes; such is the nature
of life. If we continue to look back
and regret the yesterdays that we
cannot change, we will wither to a
pathetic nothingness. But if we
remember the nature of life, that
we are destined to fail, then we will
also remember that we are destined
to succeed. If we live our life
remembering just what it is
that makes us who we are,
then we can die gracefully.
We must hold on to that one part
of ourselves that we were blessed with
at birth. We must realise that we
are human, and nothing more.

Picture from

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Your Definition That Defines Your Destiny

Love is not defined by the
space between two lovers.
Love is not defined by the
time between two lovings.
Love is defined by the
actions in that time,
it is defined by continued
desire between those worlds.
If the world claims that reality
prevents love 'tween space and time,
tell the world to go to hell
and live the dream we can't believe.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Embrace

Today I tried writing a poem of love,
of what true, real, raw love is.
I knew in my heart exactly what it was,
I knew in my heart exactly what I wanted to write.
But that's just it; love can not be written.
We can try and explain our feelings
and the way we feel about those who matter most,
but at the heart of it, love is found in the heart.
It's not the flowers, the soft toys and souvenirs.
It's not the outfits and making sure we look perfect.
In the end, the only tell-tale sign of love is not found
in words, deeds or actions. It is found in the only
word, the only deed, the only action. We know
that love is found only in the embrace.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Know And Love; the only truth

I have seen visions which I have been told
are not real.
I have held beliefs which have built my foundations
only to be washed away.
I have heard and seen a real-life angel
but never was it mine.
I have touched and kissed the hand of beauty
yet never known love.

If there is one truth, one knowledge that
can be attained in this life,
a truth that can envelope and surround us,
it is the truth of love. But I have never truly known
love, and so I continue in hope, in faith
that I will one day know truth.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Question on the Mind... Wait

The thoughts are raging once again;
clouding my judgement and inner sight.
Even the writing looks wrong. The eyes
of the poet replaced by evil. Or is it?
Well there are too many maybe's to
ever try to understand, to comprehend,
but even if it isn't evil, it can't be right.
Maybe if I let this evil-or-not go,
the true heart will come and find me.
But I am no longer superstitious and
no longer believe in the unbelievable.
So do I put my faith in myself?
Do I put my trust in the unknown future?
Must religion be reconsidered?
But a leap of faith... My train of thoughts
are interrupted by the virtual...
Virtual and virtue; is it? No. ?

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Living in a world of virtual reality
that changes the here and now into
never and always. But I'm not
inside the machine, it is in my mind.
In real reality, I am in a time of post-
virtulust. That history, those times of
confusion between body, mind, and
numbers is over, yet the memories
plague my mind. Even worse, in the
virtual realm, time has not changed.
If I fall into the pit of yesterday, now
is as real as it once was. My one transgression
will plague me forever and always.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Passed By Lover

What was her name?
What was her name?
The forgotten connection of a maybe love,
what was her name?

Where do I look?
Where are you now?
You're invisible in front of me,
but where are you now?

Who do I turn to
to find out your name?
I made a mistake by ignoring the obvious.
Just what is your name?

How do I let go?
How do I let go?
I am a fool for letting you slip through my fingers.
Can I ever forget?

Sunday, July 8, 2012


All I've ever asked for,
dreamed of and desired
are for those haunting words
to be given to me.

All I've ever prayed for,
wanted and needed
is a promise of
meaningful tomorrow's.

All I ever receive,
get back and hear
is the undeserved love
of everyone else.

Who decided I mean less?
What makes me worthless?
Why is the world cut from me?
Because of the empty others.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The King: Cold & Alone

Frail and lonely
in his golden years,
his children
leave him be.
See, he chose
his heart a long
time ago, and
it lay with flesh,
not blood. His
love had order,
and his heirs
were below;
now his sad state
is alone.
He chose a
girls heart over
his own flesh
and blood,
but she is gone.
Now the king
rests at his throne,
shiv'ring 'midst July
sun. Alone, he
has given up
his son.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Broken Sonnet

A stumble into remnants of
a lost understanding of the world
permits friendships rekindled,
love reunited. But it was not
the same that was felt before.
Friends had become but
foreign strangers; and stranger still
were the friendly strangers
of new. All things do not heal
with time, but everything changes
as the sun rises and falls.
Just the haunting of 'once were''s
and 'never again''s are left
in the chapel. Tomorrow has come.
The melting of time is a reality of now and never.
Let tomorrow always come, and memories last forever.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moving Forward From Yesterday

I see the ruins of yesterday
in a window, empty and cold.
I never wished for it to end,
but maybe it's now over;

maybe it is time to move on.
I still don't wish it to be so;
they were times of laughter
and happiness; times of another family.

But times must change.

Maybe I can salvage the meaning
of those times yet gone.
If it is time for change, then
maybe I can use those meanings

to build a future in my own world.
I must look forward and not
long for those days; they will
come again in newer ways.

But times must change.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Yet May Be

If you are to cross my path today,
if light is soon to fade
so that the darken'd mind
of my souls eye
shall become enlightened,

and if you shall bring end
to the empty everything
that is here and now,
then I have but one
simple request.

If day shall give lease
to the Stars of gold,
one world to the next,
and the stairs of Heav'n
are placed in my path,

then in my slumber
give me knowledge of all.
Or else, in my dreams
of here and reality,
forever let me rest.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Turned my head from the face that was there
Torn my heart from the love that will never be
Taken myself from the empty place
That place that means everything to me

How is it I'll survive?
How can I live a dreamless life
Hungering for the dreams of my heart
Here is a place that means nothing to me

I'll tear myself from the reality
I'll tear myself from the virtuality
I'll lose myself except for me
I'll stay alone with everyone, no-one near

Staying tonight are my memories
Staying beside me is no-one
Stuck in a rut? No
Simply leaving the empty full for all nothing

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rumors of Knowledge

Many a billion of people
Are wrapped up in their lives,
Not selfishly; simply consumed
By an innocent ignorance.
It is said that all these people
Have their own 'worldviews',
Know their own 'realities'.
Maybe, but see wider.
These 'worldviews' do not
Encapsulate the world.
These 'realities' do not know
Of far and distant truths.
At a man's most intellectual
He is but a blade amongst a field.
Of all the views of the world,
Man sees no more than his partial reality.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Time Is Now

Left, right, forward and back,
with the thoughts of yesterday
and philosophies gone by
at the head of now's mind.
On the other hand, whichever
of the countless hands it
seems to be, it seems to me
that tomorrow has arrived.
Heat below rises; the chill of
a winterless winter night
leave the only worthy tools I own
in a sad and hopeless state.
It's a paradoxical world.
It's a series of colliding lives.
Whatever the madness may be,
it is a sensibly random collision of beauty.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Sense of Everything

Visionless art
in a world of sight,
a world known best
in the heart of the blind.

What we see is knowledge,
but feelings are forgotten.

The ways of the world
are beyond understanding.
The ways of out there
are beyond knowledge.

What we see is knowledge,
but feelings are forgotten?

We narrow our lines
to left, right, and centre.
So what of the lines
that can not be seen?

What we know is knowledge,
but knowledge is worth nothing.

Three hundred and sixty
degrees of sound, unlimited
dimensions of touch and taste.
To feel and to be are real.

What we are is everything and
everything we are is only in one.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Cold Embrace

I walked for a long time
on a narrow path of light,
with promise that the sun
would show in darkest night.

But maybe I was foolish,
for this was not my destiny.
All the words, all the lies,
were not what would come to me.

I've been asked to forgive
the liars that have beset my life,
to forget the pain in my spine,
to forget the bloodied knife.

I forgive, I forget, as I
have done time and time before.
But now I take my place in darkness;
to the light, I close the door.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Loveless Romantic

As the years have passed
the girls have come and gone.
At first, schoolboy crushes
and then I thought 'the one'.

Love is said to be a two-way street,
but I know what I've felt.
Only few times has a woman
made my heart truly melt.

I've fallen in love
with only a few,
and each time made me better,
made me new.

However, no girl has
ever had the senselessness
to love me back. My heart always
left pained and defenceless.

I will fall again,
I have no doubts,
and who knows?
Maybe the next will end the drought.

I know what it is to love,
to be in love, but to be
in love with someone?
I yet wait to sail that sea.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Faces and Words

Life has been a monumental event
of faces and words. With these
faces and words come the
expectations of what is called a right.

It seems that too many people
have too many rights, for too many
people lose their rights, or
never truly have them to begin with.

Life has been an interesting event
of faces and words. With these
faces and words come many more
faces and words to fill the emptiness.

It seems the emptiness is never
truly filled, for when the faces
need vision, when the words need
hearing, it is the answer of emptiness.

Life has been... an event.
Simply faces and words.
Just exactly what is it
that these faces and words bring?

The faces are faceless disguise
for the empty to enter and leave.
The words are lies of life and love,
false hope for false expectation.

Friday, April 13, 2012

To Know An Angel


As the summer shines on an Autumn eve,
whilst God is taught and preached,
it is an unintentional feeling of love
that blossoms from a Student's seat.

It is not a princess from a fairytale
or a damsel in romantic distress;
but oh, how she could be. The Student's eyes
distract him so; the curse is set.

The Student knows the feelings he owns
for this... Angel? Not by these teachings,
but an Angel to him. Anyway, he knows his heart
and yet knows that his heart must not be followed.

He'll spend the evening's class ignoring eternal promise
in the hope that she might glance his way; God only
knows why she would, but he hopes it nonetheless.
He hopes, he hopes, and she walks from the room.

Was the feeling doused before it alit? Was his
heart set free before him, without the torture of
a poor fool's entrapment? Of course not, Cupid
would not be so kind.

The class is done and everybody forgets about
God for a few more days. The Student sits in the
gospel corridor as the Shadows pass his way.
What is that among the Shadows? 'Tis the Angel's light.

She divides the Shadows and brings purpose to life,
she sees the foolish Student. For a reason
that God would only know, the Angel approaches
and completes the curse that will abound for years.

However, the Student convinces himself of what he knows;
this can not be love, this can not be love.
She tugs at his heartstrings without intent,
but he withstands, holds on to an air of nothing.


The Angel is not seen again, only the few lines
sent between the two over the months ahead.
The Student looks for other flames, something to
keep warm in the winter night.

The Student finds nought but chill in the life,
a friendless society engulfing him. He tries
to defend the bad, believing good can be found
in the heart of the heartless.

The Angel? He knows not, but occasionally he wanders,
he remembers the night when the Shadows divided.
No, the feelings can not stay. They are nothing more than
distractions to a miserable and lifeless life.

The Student must continue to search for that
Perfect Distraction. He must continue to delve into
the Shadows, must embrace the dark confusion,
must lose himself in the sensibly bad.


The Perfect Distraction is still a lifetime away
when the year closes its eyes, but the Angel?
The light reappears for a moment in time.
The Angel reappears for a moment in time.

She challenges the Student's mind and nothing
makes the sense that it used to. Nothing is right
except for everything that matters, but he remembers;
this can not be love, this can not be love.

He searches the deepest abyss of his heart
and throws those feelings deep inside.
The only thing to find in life is the Perfect Distraction,
the one who will help him stay lost among Shadows.

So the Angel walks away once again, but his feelings
do not; they are locked deep inside. He must keep them
in a cruel paradox of love. He must know that they are there
to never be seen or used again. They must die within.


The months continue and so does the Student's life.
At least, this is what he is told. But these months are
worse than have ever been. In a year where the Shadows
were meant to bring an illusion of joy, it is only illusion of hate.

A Mask is put before him, one he thinks must be good;
he was told it would be good. By who? Was it God?
Was it himself? Whoever it was had been telling a cruel lie
for this was a Mask worse than the reality it shaped.

He held the Mask close to him for what felt like a lifetime,
but hate will do that. The Student was breaking down
as the Shadows before him gave way to darkness. The
Mask told him it was not dark of night, but light of a new day.

The Mask continued to lie to him with ideas of grandeur,
ideas of the coming of a Perfect Distraction. The Student
believed and held the Mask closer. The Perfect Distraction was
finally known to him, but cruelty had never known a nicer home.

The Perfect Distraction was within reach,
the Mask was held tight,
the Shadows had been embraced,
and they all fell before him.

The Perfect Distraction was one not meant for him,
nor meant to be for anyone. But cruelty knows no boundaries.
After working and striving to make a God, or nothing, happy,
that Perfect Distraction found one of its own.

The Mask was meant to open the shadows to a
happy bubble of life. But cruelty knows no boundaries.
The Mask fell when it was needed most, and the Student saw
the world for what it most awfully was.

The Shadows were meant to be the guidelines to a happy
and fulfilled life. But cruelty knows no boundaries.
The Shadows gave way to emptiness and before him
was left nothing; no Shadow, no Mask, no Perfect Distraction.

No Dark, No Light.


All of life's importance had fallen before the Student.
Nothing in life was worth anything, and any part of life
was worth nothing. The Student was facing a deep
beyond the Hell he'd once known before.

The Angel. She was there when all seemed lost,
was there when he needed her the most. The Student
had found a reason for life, had found a light
and it was the Angel.

Suddenly, the abyss where those feelings were buried
were nothing but the shallow holes in the sand. The Student
did not mean for them to escape, but he could not help it.
There was finally good in a life of misery.

A spring of love gushed from the Student's heart,
it could not be held by nothing inside. But the Student
did not care, for he had nothing for a lifetime and the
lifetimes within; now, he had everything in a moment.

The Mask had fallen, the Shadows abated, the Perfect Distraction
forgotten. The Student no longer needed to
believe in the unbelievable. He only needed to
know of what was now, for the moment would last but a moment.

Suddenly, the Angel was gone yet again. But this time?
Oh, this time the Student did not bury the feelings. The Student
embraced a new way of life, one that let him breathe.
And it felt incredible.

Although the Angel was no longer there,
he knew in his heart that she would return.
But he didn't need the Angel any longer
to divide the light from the darkness.

The Angel had closed the deep abyss of the Student's
heart, filling it with light. The Student had the light of
an Angel completing his broken heart, and had guidance
to a new and real life.


I will always remember my Angel.
She has filled my life with worth.
It was simply a path of life;
I must stumble through Hell first.

Heaven has come to me
while I ponder the afterlife.
But no longer for death to I yearn;
it's to live my days that I strive.

I no longer seek Perfect Distraction
or to hold a Mask to my face.
With an Angel's light to guide me,
this foolish Student can find his place.

The Angel comes and goes with time,
and she always refills my heart,
but what tomorrow has in store for me
is no one's but my own path.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Looking through the levels of
reflective reality,
I see a number of similar worlds
all folded in a window.

I see the curtains of here and now
as before me makes most sense,
but when I see behind the curtains,
that's where the true beauty lies.

First I see a man who's
staring back my way. Logic says
this man is me, but I am here,
not there. Who am I?

Next I see reflection behind
the curtains of reality.
The reflections? Dark and black; an
unknown path leading to an unknown arena.

Is this what is before me?
Is this what has been?
Is this darkness evil in my wake,
or is it unknown joy to be found?

Last, I see through the window of reflection
to another reality. Through and past
reflection, there is simple beauty. It is
a scene of the unknown, but I know all the same.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Wonder of Life

I was once a believer
in the things I could not see,
and I have no regret
for everything that has been.

But a problem with the world
of putting hope in the unknown
is that everything different
is seen to be wrong.

It made sense, if belief is right
then everything else must
be wrong, but if you don't know all,
your choice can not be just.

Tall walls and thick windows
so that the world can not enter;
in a life of of the celestial,
belief must be the centre.

At the pulpit it is said
that the world is full of sin.
We must close our ears to the outside
so we can't "hear the merry din".

I will not lie, the world certainly is
full of evil and hate,
but this is not all the world
offers on her plate.

There are many weird and wonderful
things to which the earth plays as host.
And even those with little
may claim to have the most.

Who knows? Maybe religion's right?
But I won't close my eyes
to the people and places,
to the incredible of life.

By Blake Leitch with Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Monday, April 2, 2012

Throw The Eggs

People worry worry
about this, that,
now and then.

Just too many wonder
what their dull life
could have been.

Scientists try and prove
things, ideas,
and theories,

but who's to say
this world of ours
is one without faeries?

We can not know
what we can not
know or see.

Our entire life is now
because the rest
is just a dream.

There is no point in always
worrying about what will
come tomorrow.

If now is all we know,
it can not be lived
in sorrow.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Here and Now

There is little I can prove
in this small world of mine.
In fact, I would go so far as to say
I can prove nothing.
I can be told, shown, touched in ways
that will give me the answers to the world.
But what will I hear, see, feel?
I will only receive what I want and need.
And time? It is a glorious
and confusing thing.
I do not know what will happen
in 12 seconds, nor can I prove what's been.
I only have knowledge that
I can know. It's this
small world of mine.
It's here and it's now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Question Mark On Everything

All I know is
all I know?
I used to think
that was right.
I don't know
I see the walls,
the windows,
the bed and doors.
I don't even know them
Did I ever know?
I don't know.
Nothing's quite real,
but I'm not scared
to be lost.
Maybe knowledge
is nothing more than
an idea?
Reality may be nothing more
than perception?
The only reality I have
is now, and even then
I just don't know.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Is Today

It was meant to be bad,
it was meant to be worse.
It was meant to be time
to write the final verse.

It was meant to be dark,
dreary, grey, miserable.
It was meant to be a day
all kinds of terrible.

So what happened?
I'll tell you what. The sun
came out to lighten the day.
Suddenly, it was happiness come.

The stars shot out across
the midnight sky.
What happened? Today
was the day of you and I.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Cares Where It Came From?

It came from out
of nowhere.
Faster than sound,

quicker than light,
bigger than anything;
it's completely nuts,
but you're my everything.

There are things you
can't plan, or understand.
But it all makes sense,
I can't fall ever again.

With you here,
my life will go bananas.
But this way?
I wouldn't have it any other.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Every now and then
the world will go bananas.
Every now and then
the people will go crazy.
It's not easy to be,
but it's harder to not.
Look up and yell?
Look down and scream?
Neither's wrong
and both aren't right.
So what's correct?
Nobody knows.
I make my friends,
scared witless that
they'll forget me.
I try to conform,
to be normal
in a loopy world.
In the end,
I'll just lose me.
So stick it to the norm,
I'll look for what's best.
I know what's best for me,
and it's you. I'll be
told I'm wrong;
I'm used to it.
I don't care what I'm told,
as long as you're there.

The Other Side

Pumping it up
and playing it loud,
standing down here
with the silver clouds.

Ain't too sure
on which way is up,
but for me,
I am enough.

I could always get better,
always improve.
I could be different,
original, new.

I've got two options
ahead of me;
just stare at the light
or take the leap.

The cloud is safe,
and right now it's here.
If I take the leap,
I may face my fear.

So what should I do?
Should I jump and pray?
Yes, the light will be there
any which way.

I'll take what I know
and face what I don't.
I'll be by myself, but
I won't be alone.

I'll be pumping it up
and playing it loud,
falling down there
through the silver clouds.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Finch Is There

Time and time again
we will fall.
Tests and trials are given
to all of us.
We will weep and curse,
but joy cometh in
the morning. For some
strange reason,
He is there and
will not give up on us.
I have fallen to the end
and I see the beginning of
a new day. I see the beginning
of a glorious day.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Conversation With Nature

Excuse me, Nature,
we're going to need to use you.
Don't worry! We'll
look after you.

Excuse me, Nature,
we're going to need to move you.
Don't fret! We'll
look after you.

Me again, Nature,
we're going to have to take over you.
Don't distress! We'll
cage you and keep you alive.

One more thing,
you're going to have to fall to our needs.
Don't sweat! We'll
bastardise you nicely.

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Moments of Truth

War wages on in
the civilised world.
Is there something more,
or is life the end?

I know what I think,
but what about you?
Are you happy with eternal black?
Or are the eternities a new beginning?

Religion is old, outdated.
Science is gone, boring.
It's the day of the celebrity,
an age of fleshy idols.

For the first time in this,
the civilised world,
people do not look outward;
people look to people.

The generations are divided
between what is called conservative
and what is called liberal.
What do these words really mean?

Definitions will change in a year,
maybe less. There is nothing
in all the universe that is set.
Except, except...

A moment in life
can mean everything.
It is only moments that
will make us, shape us.

When we find beauty,
it is eternal, celestial.
Maybe there is something else.
Maybe there is nothing.

The only truth I know
is the truth only I know.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye For Now, Granny Jo

An angel's tears fall at the pulpit,
he can not help but weep.
We're all so happy that the pain is gone,
but this loss has cut us deep.
We want to spend more hours with you
in the yesteryears gone by,
but for now our chances have all gone.
We can not help but cry.
You always had a way
of giving us your gift.
As you've gone, you've given us
an even greater lift.
Thank you for your everything
and for bringing us together.
Thank you for being you;
we will love you for forever.

We love you Granny Jo.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Purple Romance

The greatest of Kings can command
the respect and power of all,
but a King can not decide
when Nature brings in the fog.

The richest of Men can muster
all his strength and wealth to
buy the world, but he can not change
Nature's blanket of blue.

The Achiever can garner
respect for all that he has done,
but he can not equal all the power
and glory of Nature's sun.

But the wise, they take nothing
for their knowledge. They watch,
and think, and ponder, and know that
nature is something they just can't match.

Friday, March 2, 2012

God and Love

Yesteryear, the bells chimed
and we went to worship God.
He loved, He cared, He was proud,
but then it all got flawed.
It was no longer about a love for all,
it was about being right in the eyes of man.
Shots were fired, men fell down,
the line was in the sand.
But if there's anything I've learnt,
it's that sand is a weak foundation.
We must climb to the sturdy mountaintop
to declare true proclamation.
So let's go back and remember
the basics that made us strong,
for it's when man's pride becomes involved
when man becomes wrong.

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Nature Or Not

There was once a time
when the world was small.
Necessity was the mother
of invention. We were ants
and the trees grew tall.
We had everything,
we were happy,
we were simple.

At some point, somebody
learnt a new way.
While all we had was
all we needed, somebody
suddenly wanted more.
The bright flame that
lit all around us,
it was doused.

We changed our minds,
we changed our ways.
We were big, strong,
we were gods.
We crushed the ants
and we cut the trees.
Suddenly, the world
must fall into our order.

Now, there are many lights,
but none show where you are.
Nature has been forgotten,
replaced by our creations.
The skyscrapers pierced the sky,
but only for us; this was no Babel.
Has greed taken hold? It seems now,
invention is the mother of necessity.

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Monkey Business

It's a crazy world
in this day and age,
where the only thing simple
is weird and strange.
It's quirky, different,
and all kinds of nuts.
This place of ours is simple
when you're simply a klutz.
So which way's forward,
back, down, and up?
Just follow the twinkle
in the one that you love.
Here, you only have one duty;
be a little bit fun and a little bit fruity.

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Searching For Light

Many times I've cried for comfort,
yet received no one in return.
So I stumbled into a shadow world,
one they say is of the devil.
I don't know though. I know
that the devil watches, waiting
to dance with lust in the moonlight.
But maybe, maybe...

I don't know, I'm not sure.
It's the only place where solace is sure,
but I'm told it's evil; the world
they say is of the devil.
What if someone were there?
Would I be alright? I think so,
but I'm still waiting. While
no one is there for me, it is.

I'll look up and call; I'll beg
for an answer. Maybe someone
will answer my plea, while I'm stuck in the world
they say is of the devil.
There is time left, I can be strong.
Maybe my strength comes, not
from out there, but from within.
I'll wait, I'll wait.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Ring, One Love

All our life we are told
that our eyes are tricking us,
that there's illusion in the reality we see.
I've never much cared for the sense of science.

It's not that science is bad; no, no.
It's that there's a majestic beauty to the unknown,
a quirky delight in the uncommon.
There is something simply sensational in the irresponsibly insensible.

What is it we see here?
Apparently, we see the illusion of a heart
through the frame of a wedding ring.
But this is science's sense.

Maybe, what we're really seeing,
is the importance of devotion.
We aren't seeing an illusion of reality;
more, reality in an illusion.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Always There

Are you hurt or in a rage,
feeling locked inside a cage?
Are things all wrong and are you sad?
Are you wanting, pained, and mad?

Has the world just passed you by,
left you to suffer as you lie
in the dirt all broken down?
Well don't worry; you're not alone.

I'm not the most intelligent man
and I don't always have a plan,
but when you're feeling at you worst,
please know that I can ease the hurt.

I'm not a miracle man of wonder,
but I'll do what I can when you feel under 
the bridge, and under the weather;
I am here for you forever.

You are loved and you are wanted;
you are because you're needed.
The world can be tough, it is true,
but it would be so much harder without you.

So remember, in the darkest of places
light can remove every evil trace.
Bide your time, it won't be long;

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out In The World

The world is dark, dangerous,
it can be confusing.
The trees begin to look alike,
but they're not.
You can't figure which way to turn
as the vines fall down; trapped.
So cover yourself in a film of beauty.
Protect yourself in the satin of peace.
The world will say "you're in a bubble",
but it's more than that. In a place
where darkness lights the way,
you have found solitude.

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When Love Caves In

It's the time you realise
the hopes and dreams you had
for love and a future,
they're all void.
You see, there is a plan for us;
whether directed by God or the universe,
I can't say. But falling is
just another part.
It's life. So what does matter?
It's how we climb again
after the fall. There is
nothing wrong with love,
but love is fragile and
won't always work.
So love your best as best you can,
and be happy with all you've done.

Fall in love down the deepest hole,
but reach for light when the walls cave in.

True Friend and AC

It's what we all need,
what we all desire.
It's what gives us the drive
and makes us feel inspired.
It's basic, beautiful,
wonderful, and home.
It's what makes us feel alive
when we just feel alone.

You're not going to back off;
you'll say what needs saying,
because that's what I need.
Your love is embracing.
I don't know who I pleased
or how I did it so that I
could get a friend like you.
But thank you for being in my life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Friend

An unsure world of hopes and dreams
are lost without a trace.
Mother's gone and father's left;
where do we turn?

Ah, if there isn't a Golden hand that doesn't mind
the differences of you.
On this, God's earth, there are only those who need
and those who give.

The rain can pour from the heavens above.
She'll shelter you.
Your tummy can rumble and growl for food.
She'll feed you.

See, it's not about what makes us different,
it's not about spots and stripes.
What matters is what connects us; what matters
is love.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My One

I don't have the best touch,
or the greatest smile.
I'm not the best with words
and I can't run a mile.
I can't always be there
at the times you need me,
and I can't wrap my arms
around your beautiful body.
But listen my dear,
just listen close,
because when you need me,
I'll play my strings.
When you need me there,
when you're falling,
just reach out, listen
for my guitar to sing.

The Greatest Gift

To smile, a radiant beam
to another person; a friend.
To give, your entire being
when you've got nothing and everything.
To hug, to give yourself completely
and let somebody give in to you.
To listen, when you need to let loose,
when you need to talk and forget.

To love, and take nothing back
and gain the world and even more.
To be selfless, will get you all
that you could never imagine.

It is these times where we remember
what it is to be human, to be loved.

All we ever want, ever need, is you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Need for Babel

Too often we forget our place
in the world and search for more.
Up the mountains, under the seas;
there's never enough
and our natural instinct
is simply more, more.

But what would happen
if we took a step back
to look? What would we see?
That every now and then,
Heaven is closer
than we could dream.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Different

The darkest shadows are all the same
and tell glory that wonder is something to shame.
Unconventional, strange, and all kinds of weird;
they're the conventional normalities that place one ahead.
So don't allow freedom to falter your mind
when you know you're different, out or inside.
The one who is different is a new kind, pure.
Blind hearts won't see, of that, be sure.
So let the light lift you to a higher cloud,
and don't be ashamed of what should make you proud.
For the new dawn is nigh
where you can keep your chin high.
When the world mistakenly thinks it's higher, above,
don't you fret. I say, you are loved.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Stormy Water Watcher

On the sea and stormy waves,
it doesn't matter what you say
or what you think or what you do;
someone's watching all of you.

But do not fear;
the watcher hears
your cry, your call,
He hears it all.

He will not leave you.
Don't despair, it's true,
you have a friend, a Father;
He will lift you over the darkest water.

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Hang Your Stipes

On the rocks, on the wall.
When you feel you can't take anymore,
you don't need to worry if an old friend's there.
She will take your cross to bear.
When the tears feel like they've soaked your soul,
you don't have to take it all.
Just leave your stripes to hang and dry,
and fall into the barren sky.

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