Sunday, April 8, 2012


Looking through the levels of
reflective reality,
I see a number of similar worlds
all folded in a window.

I see the curtains of here and now
as before me makes most sense,
but when I see behind the curtains,
that's where the true beauty lies.

First I see a man who's
staring back my way. Logic says
this man is me, but I am here,
not there. Who am I?

Next I see reflection behind
the curtains of reality.
The reflections? Dark and black; an
unknown path leading to an unknown arena.

Is this what is before me?
Is this what has been?
Is this darkness evil in my wake,
or is it unknown joy to be found?

Last, I see through the window of reflection
to another reality. Through and past
reflection, there is simple beauty. It is
a scene of the unknown, but I know all the same.

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