Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Loveless Romantic

As the years have passed
the girls have come and gone.
At first, schoolboy crushes
and then I thought 'the one'.

Love is said to be a two-way street,
but I know what I've felt.
Only few times has a woman
made my heart truly melt.

I've fallen in love
with only a few,
and each time made me better,
made me new.

However, no girl has
ever had the senselessness
to love me back. My heart always
left pained and defenceless.

I will fall again,
I have no doubts,
and who knows?
Maybe the next will end the drought.

I know what it is to love,
to be in love, but to be
in love with someone?
I yet wait to sail that sea.

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