Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Know And Love; the only truth

I have seen visions which I have been told
are not real.
I have held beliefs which have built my foundations
only to be washed away.
I have heard and seen a real-life angel
but never was it mine.
I have touched and kissed the hand of beauty
yet never known love.

If there is one truth, one knowledge that
can be attained in this life,
a truth that can envelope and surround us,
it is the truth of love. But I have never truly known
love, and so I continue in hope, in faith
that I will one day know truth.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Question on the Mind... Wait

The thoughts are raging once again;
clouding my judgement and inner sight.
Even the writing looks wrong. The eyes
of the poet replaced by evil. Or is it?
Well there are too many maybe's to
ever try to understand, to comprehend,
but even if it isn't evil, it can't be right.
Maybe if I let this evil-or-not go,
the true heart will come and find me.
But I am no longer superstitious and
no longer believe in the unbelievable.
So do I put my faith in myself?
Do I put my trust in the unknown future?
Must religion be reconsidered?
But a leap of faith... My train of thoughts
are interrupted by the virtual...
Virtual and virtue; is it? No. ?