Friday, March 30, 2012

Here and Now

There is little I can prove
in this small world of mine.
In fact, I would go so far as to say
I can prove nothing.
I can be told, shown, touched in ways
that will give me the answers to the world.
But what will I hear, see, feel?
I will only receive what I want and need.
And time? It is a glorious
and confusing thing.
I do not know what will happen
in 12 seconds, nor can I prove what's been.
I only have knowledge that
I can know. It's this
small world of mine.
It's here and it's now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Question Mark On Everything

All I know is
all I know?
I used to think
that was right.
I don't know
I see the walls,
the windows,
the bed and doors.
I don't even know them
Did I ever know?
I don't know.
Nothing's quite real,
but I'm not scared
to be lost.
Maybe knowledge
is nothing more than
an idea?
Reality may be nothing more
than perception?
The only reality I have
is now, and even then
I just don't know.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Is Today

It was meant to be bad,
it was meant to be worse.
It was meant to be time
to write the final verse.

It was meant to be dark,
dreary, grey, miserable.
It was meant to be a day
all kinds of terrible.

So what happened?
I'll tell you what. The sun
came out to lighten the day.
Suddenly, it was happiness come.

The stars shot out across
the midnight sky.
What happened? Today
was the day of you and I.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Cares Where It Came From?

It came from out
of nowhere.
Faster than sound,

quicker than light,
bigger than anything;
it's completely nuts,
but you're my everything.

There are things you
can't plan, or understand.
But it all makes sense,
I can't fall ever again.

With you here,
my life will go bananas.
But this way?
I wouldn't have it any other.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Every now and then
the world will go bananas.
Every now and then
the people will go crazy.
It's not easy to be,
but it's harder to not.
Look up and yell?
Look down and scream?
Neither's wrong
and both aren't right.
So what's correct?
Nobody knows.
I make my friends,
scared witless that
they'll forget me.
I try to conform,
to be normal
in a loopy world.
In the end,
I'll just lose me.
So stick it to the norm,
I'll look for what's best.
I know what's best for me,
and it's you. I'll be
told I'm wrong;
I'm used to it.
I don't care what I'm told,
as long as you're there.

The Other Side

Pumping it up
and playing it loud,
standing down here
with the silver clouds.

Ain't too sure
on which way is up,
but for me,
I am enough.

I could always get better,
always improve.
I could be different,
original, new.

I've got two options
ahead of me;
just stare at the light
or take the leap.

The cloud is safe,
and right now it's here.
If I take the leap,
I may face my fear.

So what should I do?
Should I jump and pray?
Yes, the light will be there
any which way.

I'll take what I know
and face what I don't.
I'll be by myself, but
I won't be alone.

I'll be pumping it up
and playing it loud,
falling down there
through the silver clouds.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Finch Is There

Time and time again
we will fall.
Tests and trials are given
to all of us.
We will weep and curse,
but joy cometh in
the morning. For some
strange reason,
He is there and
will not give up on us.
I have fallen to the end
and I see the beginning of
a new day. I see the beginning
of a glorious day.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Conversation With Nature

Excuse me, Nature,
we're going to need to use you.
Don't worry! We'll
look after you.

Excuse me, Nature,
we're going to need to move you.
Don't fret! We'll
look after you.

Me again, Nature,
we're going to have to take over you.
Don't distress! We'll
cage you and keep you alive.

One more thing,
you're going to have to fall to our needs.
Don't sweat! We'll
bastardise you nicely.

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Moments of Truth

War wages on in
the civilised world.
Is there something more,
or is life the end?

I know what I think,
but what about you?
Are you happy with eternal black?
Or are the eternities a new beginning?

Religion is old, outdated.
Science is gone, boring.
It's the day of the celebrity,
an age of fleshy idols.

For the first time in this,
the civilised world,
people do not look outward;
people look to people.

The generations are divided
between what is called conservative
and what is called liberal.
What do these words really mean?

Definitions will change in a year,
maybe less. There is nothing
in all the universe that is set.
Except, except...

A moment in life
can mean everything.
It is only moments that
will make us, shape us.

When we find beauty,
it is eternal, celestial.
Maybe there is something else.
Maybe there is nothing.

The only truth I know
is the truth only I know.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye For Now, Granny Jo

An angel's tears fall at the pulpit,
he can not help but weep.
We're all so happy that the pain is gone,
but this loss has cut us deep.
We want to spend more hours with you
in the yesteryears gone by,
but for now our chances have all gone.
We can not help but cry.
You always had a way
of giving us your gift.
As you've gone, you've given us
an even greater lift.
Thank you for your everything
and for bringing us together.
Thank you for being you;
we will love you for forever.

We love you Granny Jo.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Purple Romance

The greatest of Kings can command
the respect and power of all,
but a King can not decide
when Nature brings in the fog.

The richest of Men can muster
all his strength and wealth to
buy the world, but he can not change
Nature's blanket of blue.

The Achiever can garner
respect for all that he has done,
but he can not equal all the power
and glory of Nature's sun.

But the wise, they take nothing
for their knowledge. They watch,
and think, and ponder, and know that
nature is something they just can't match.

Friday, March 2, 2012

God and Love

Yesteryear, the bells chimed
and we went to worship God.
He loved, He cared, He was proud,
but then it all got flawed.
It was no longer about a love for all,
it was about being right in the eyes of man.
Shots were fired, men fell down,
the line was in the sand.
But if there's anything I've learnt,
it's that sand is a weak foundation.
We must climb to the sturdy mountaintop
to declare true proclamation.
So let's go back and remember
the basics that made us strong,
for it's when man's pride becomes involved
when man becomes wrong.

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Nature Or Not

There was once a time
when the world was small.
Necessity was the mother
of invention. We were ants
and the trees grew tall.
We had everything,
we were happy,
we were simple.

At some point, somebody
learnt a new way.
While all we had was
all we needed, somebody
suddenly wanted more.
The bright flame that
lit all around us,
it was doused.

We changed our minds,
we changed our ways.
We were big, strong,
we were gods.
We crushed the ants
and we cut the trees.
Suddenly, the world
must fall into our order.

Now, there are many lights,
but none show where you are.
Nature has been forgotten,
replaced by our creations.
The skyscrapers pierced the sky,
but only for us; this was no Babel.
Has greed taken hold? It seems now,
invention is the mother of necessity.

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Monkey Business

It's a crazy world
in this day and age,
where the only thing simple
is weird and strange.
It's quirky, different,
and all kinds of nuts.
This place of ours is simple
when you're simply a klutz.
So which way's forward,
back, down, and up?
Just follow the twinkle
in the one that you love.
Here, you only have one duty;
be a little bit fun and a little bit fruity.

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Searching For Light

Many times I've cried for comfort,
yet received no one in return.
So I stumbled into a shadow world,
one they say is of the devil.
I don't know though. I know
that the devil watches, waiting
to dance with lust in the moonlight.
But maybe, maybe...

I don't know, I'm not sure.
It's the only place where solace is sure,
but I'm told it's evil; the world
they say is of the devil.
What if someone were there?
Would I be alright? I think so,
but I'm still waiting. While
no one is there for me, it is.

I'll look up and call; I'll beg
for an answer. Maybe someone
will answer my plea, while I'm stuck in the world
they say is of the devil.
There is time left, I can be strong.
Maybe my strength comes, not
from out there, but from within.
I'll wait, I'll wait.