Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye For Now, Granny Jo

An angel's tears fall at the pulpit,
he can not help but weep.
We're all so happy that the pain is gone,
but this loss has cut us deep.
We want to spend more hours with you
in the yesteryears gone by,
but for now our chances have all gone.
We can not help but cry.
You always had a way
of giving us your gift.
As you've gone, you've given us
an even greater lift.
Thank you for your everything
and for bringing us together.
Thank you for being you;
we will love you for forever.

We love you Granny Jo.


  1. Thank you Blake, that is beautiful! She will be truly touched by that tribute. She loved you too!

  2. Oh Blake,
    Thank you , what a beautiful tribute !
    I find myself quite unable to put anything into words at this time - Im so glad you did <3
    Love from Agnes