Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moments of Truth

War wages on in
the civilised world.
Is there something more,
or is life the end?

I know what I think,
but what about you?
Are you happy with eternal black?
Or are the eternities a new beginning?

Religion is old, outdated.
Science is gone, boring.
It's the day of the celebrity,
an age of fleshy idols.

For the first time in this,
the civilised world,
people do not look outward;
people look to people.

The generations are divided
between what is called conservative
and what is called liberal.
What do these words really mean?

Definitions will change in a year,
maybe less. There is nothing
in all the universe that is set.
Except, except...

A moment in life
can mean everything.
It is only moments that
will make us, shape us.

When we find beauty,
it is eternal, celestial.
Maybe there is something else.
Maybe there is nothing.

The only truth I know
is the truth only I know.

Picture from http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/625872

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