Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fashion Mistake of a Large Woman

It strains the seams,
pulling the material
beyond repair and

The jelly seeps
overboard like
survivors escaping
to safer shores.

The effort that she
must take, squeezing
those things where they
cannot fit, it is

an incredible, nay,
a Herculean feat.
And what's the point?
They're just shoes…

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The amber afternoon
through the eyes of
the Devil's dew.

Bluer than blue
in the eyes of
the grey barrier.

The talkings
of that specifically
ignorant, free zone.

Imagine if,
imagine if;
what if?

It's theory and
music and
never in beers. *

The Old Man

The sun rises and falls
while a man past respectable
years drives his motorbike
from the parking lot. A
silver knight? No,
just the homeward bound
carriage of always. *

Friday, October 19, 2012

Nought but Gods

The Gods are before us,
our vision is smeared by power.
We hear their thund'rous call as
power is bombarded upon the senses.

They are the leaders to be seen,
the leaders to be heard, they are
those of and for promises of life.

They define our lives, the lives of our
children, wearing jeans and power ties.

But everybody shits.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Maybes have driven me for all the time
I remember, a labyrinth of glass walls
and dead ends. Not able to tell whether looking through
to a happy tomorrow or a hopeful yesterday. The
voices in my mind, or of my mind?, keep me kept me
hoping and happy… almost masochistic. But maybes
cannot be held onto as will bes, the unsure cannot
define the definite. So I let go of the expectation of a
maybe while always holding hope in my heart. I am divided
at my soul; half full, half empty… more than the nothing it is.
The full hope will remind me of the yesterdays when I wanted
fuller tomorrows. The empty expectation creates a hole
that tries to fill itself with the Perfect Monster. But I hold on,
I do not let myself fall in any manner. I do not fall to the
depths from which I have climbed, I do not fall for
my heart and its hope. I rise to today.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Now and Tomorrow for Reason

The rise and fall of a
sober mind briefly permits
… clarity? Or less, or not?
Those single words are mentioned
and again, but they go the
other way; they are intended to be
heard… I am distracted to whatever
this is; distracted to now.

Tomorrow has come and the
permitted thusness remains.
I am young, I am selfish, I am
cynical; yet, I am not bad.
Experience will change with time
as will I, and maybe I will find my tree
or the reason for the forest.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Which way do they drive;
left, right, forwards or back?
I am confused by reflection.

This is not something new;
the physical strangeness of the world
has always been queer to me.

Of course, you can't say that now;
political correctness dictates a new
torrent of crap, more insulting than before.

Which way goes the world?
Up, down, forward or back?
I am confused by reflection.

Generic Title of Love & Rain

The rain, she falls,
she falls. I lie under
her drops, she falls,
she falls. I am massaged
by beauty as she falls,
she falls. I await a time
when elements amount
to love, when I can live
a sober day to remember
just how she falls,
she falls. More than a gull.
More than a squawk.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nothing More Than Nature

We start our lives fresh,
innocent. However, it does not
take long for the evil in the world
to take away that innocence.
Before we know it, we are being
led down a path that hardens us,
detaches us from what we once were.
Years turn into decades and our hands
are stained with the mistakes
of our lives. Lust for the continuous
notion of more and everything
remove us so far from the innocence
we once held. In the end, we wither.
From a birth of innocence,
to a death of potential shame.
However, shame is not the only
possible outcome. We will
make mistakes; such is the nature
of life. If we continue to look back
and regret the yesterdays that we
cannot change, we will wither to a
pathetic nothingness. But if we
remember the nature of life, that
we are destined to fail, then we will
also remember that we are destined
to succeed. If we live our life
remembering just what it is
that makes us who we are,
then we can die gracefully.
We must hold on to that one part
of ourselves that we were blessed with
at birth. We must realise that we
are human, and nothing more.

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