Sunday, September 29, 2013


Do I trust in a world of sin
that love can be a happening?
I once placed hope beyond the screen
and ended up with ev’rything
that I cared for and I hoped for lost,
with dreams that forced to turn and toss.
I vowed to push lust to a place
and with it, that same screen away.
Now, in days where I can feel
that I am free of sin and devil,
in days where I feel I have won,
I see that same screen once again.
I do not think it is the same,
but there is yet no simple way
for innocence to recognise 
the diff’rence ‘tween two sets of eyes.
Can one set truly be those eyes
which I have yearned for, day and night?
Do I trust in a world of sin
that love can be a happening?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sonnet of Hope

I pace among the masses while my legs keep me from home,
and a cloud of grey descends on a brok'n mans shoulders. 
It's not oft that I am left here standing on my own,
with haunting dreams of 'wish I could have' soldiers. 
Wish I could, wish I may, wish it would have bin;
wishing that these dreams of mine were gone. 
But that is not reality, a world I could have seen,
that is not the truth of my own bones. 
I am a brok'n man with a grey and heavy cloud
resting on my brok'n, nothing soul. 
And the grey gives truths I know a blanket of doubt,
endless dreams with ever-reaching goals. 
But in that cloud of grey, there will always be some light,
as true as stars will always light the hopelessness of night.