Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Ring, One Love

All our life we are told
that our eyes are tricking us,
that there's illusion in the reality we see.
I've never much cared for the sense of science.

It's not that science is bad; no, no.
It's that there's a majestic beauty to the unknown,
a quirky delight in the uncommon.
There is something simply sensational in the irresponsibly insensible.

What is it we see here?
Apparently, we see the illusion of a heart
through the frame of a wedding ring.
But this is science's sense.

Maybe, what we're really seeing,
is the importance of devotion.
We aren't seeing an illusion of reality;
more, reality in an illusion.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Always There

Are you hurt or in a rage,
feeling locked inside a cage?
Are things all wrong and are you sad?
Are you wanting, pained, and mad?

Has the world just passed you by,
left you to suffer as you lie
in the dirt all broken down?
Well don't worry; you're not alone.

I'm not the most intelligent man
and I don't always have a plan,
but when you're feeling at you worst,
please know that I can ease the hurt.

I'm not a miracle man of wonder,
but I'll do what I can when you feel under 
the bridge, and under the weather;
I am here for you forever.

You are loved and you are wanted;
you are because you're needed.
The world can be tough, it is true,
but it would be so much harder without you.

So remember, in the darkest of places
light can remove every evil trace.
Bide your time, it won't be long;

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out In The World

The world is dark, dangerous,
it can be confusing.
The trees begin to look alike,
but they're not.
You can't figure which way to turn
as the vines fall down; trapped.
So cover yourself in a film of beauty.
Protect yourself in the satin of peace.
The world will say "you're in a bubble",
but it's more than that. In a place
where darkness lights the way,
you have found solitude.

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When Love Caves In

It's the time you realise
the hopes and dreams you had
for love and a future,
they're all void.
You see, there is a plan for us;
whether directed by God or the universe,
I can't say. But falling is
just another part.
It's life. So what does matter?
It's how we climb again
after the fall. There is
nothing wrong with love,
but love is fragile and
won't always work.
So love your best as best you can,
and be happy with all you've done.

Fall in love down the deepest hole,
but reach for light when the walls cave in.

True Friend and AC

It's what we all need,
what we all desire.
It's what gives us the drive
and makes us feel inspired.
It's basic, beautiful,
wonderful, and home.
It's what makes us feel alive
when we just feel alone.

You're not going to back off;
you'll say what needs saying,
because that's what I need.
Your love is embracing.
I don't know who I pleased
or how I did it so that I
could get a friend like you.
But thank you for being in my life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Friend

An unsure world of hopes and dreams
are lost without a trace.
Mother's gone and father's left;
where do we turn?

Ah, if there isn't a Golden hand that doesn't mind
the differences of you.
On this, God's earth, there are only those who need
and those who give.

The rain can pour from the heavens above.
She'll shelter you.
Your tummy can rumble and growl for food.
She'll feed you.

See, it's not about what makes us different,
it's not about spots and stripes.
What matters is what connects us; what matters
is love.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My One

I don't have the best touch,
or the greatest smile.
I'm not the best with words
and I can't run a mile.
I can't always be there
at the times you need me,
and I can't wrap my arms
around your beautiful body.
But listen my dear,
just listen close,
because when you need me,
I'll play my strings.
When you need me there,
when you're falling,
just reach out, listen
for my guitar to sing.

The Greatest Gift

To smile, a radiant beam
to another person; a friend.
To give, your entire being
when you've got nothing and everything.
To hug, to give yourself completely
and let somebody give in to you.
To listen, when you need to let loose,
when you need to talk and forget.

To love, and take nothing back
and gain the world and even more.
To be selfless, will get you all
that you could never imagine.

It is these times where we remember
what it is to be human, to be loved.

All we ever want, ever need, is you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Need for Babel

Too often we forget our place
in the world and search for more.
Up the mountains, under the seas;
there's never enough
and our natural instinct
is simply more, more.

But what would happen
if we took a step back
to look? What would we see?
That every now and then,
Heaven is closer
than we could dream.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Different

The darkest shadows are all the same
and tell glory that wonder is something to shame.
Unconventional, strange, and all kinds of weird;
they're the conventional normalities that place one ahead.
So don't allow freedom to falter your mind
when you know you're different, out or inside.
The one who is different is a new kind, pure.
Blind hearts won't see, of that, be sure.
So let the light lift you to a higher cloud,
and don't be ashamed of what should make you proud.
For the new dawn is nigh
where you can keep your chin high.
When the world mistakenly thinks it's higher, above,
don't you fret. I say, you are loved.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Stormy Water Watcher

On the sea and stormy waves,
it doesn't matter what you say
or what you think or what you do;
someone's watching all of you.

But do not fear;
the watcher hears
your cry, your call,
He hears it all.

He will not leave you.
Don't despair, it's true,
you have a friend, a Father;
He will lift you over the darkest water.

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Hang Your Stipes

On the rocks, on the wall.
When you feel you can't take anymore,
you don't need to worry if an old friend's there.
She will take your cross to bear.
When the tears feel like they've soaked your soul,
you don't have to take it all.
Just leave your stripes to hang and dry,
and fall into the barren sky.

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