Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Always There

Are you hurt or in a rage,
feeling locked inside a cage?
Are things all wrong and are you sad?
Are you wanting, pained, and mad?

Has the world just passed you by,
left you to suffer as you lie
in the dirt all broken down?
Well don't worry; you're not alone.

I'm not the most intelligent man
and I don't always have a plan,
but when you're feeling at you worst,
please know that I can ease the hurt.

I'm not a miracle man of wonder,
but I'll do what I can when you feel under 
the bridge, and under the weather;
I am here for you forever.

You are loved and you are wanted;
you are because you're needed.
The world can be tough, it is true,
but it would be so much harder without you.

So remember, in the darkest of places
light can remove every evil trace.
Bide your time, it won't be long;

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