Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leading Words

Formation of nations,
The waging of wars,
The world's nov'l narration
Or the artist's score.
The power of harm'ny
To lift a lost life,
Or power of hatred
That twists like a knife.
They made what we became,
Made us who we are.
Our lives, on them we blame.
On them, our lives craft.
    They are our gods, moments be damned.
    They lead us, hell-bound, by the hand.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dream for Immortality

Perfection lying at your side,
With gold and green in ev'ry move;
To live the moment you're alive
And never any moment lose.
To have the body of a God
And live with immortality;
The world is yours, so come, take hold
And live without humility.
You are as young as in your dreams.
And thus, where failure waits for you,
For you are only just a gleam
Of light that through the world goes through.
   The man who has but a thousand dreams
   Will never achieve anything

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rats and Rainbows

This world is full of wonder,
Extr'ordinary things,
Resounding booms of thunder
And streams of white light'ning.
They shout, "Can you deny
The presence of your God?!"
But in my own flawed mind,
By Nature I am awed.
A name brings prejudice
To ev'ry mind of man.
Forget the words, the benefits 
Will halt you where you stand.
The rainbow'd is the brother to the rats of the sky.
Stop reading, turn around, see the beauty in your sight.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hunted King of Death

He paves the concrete red
And yet his hands are clean;
The children hurt or dead,
Forgotten for the green.
Unnecessary pain
For unnecessary gain,
But he just hides the stain
Of where the children lay.
This is cowardice
Of the most pathetic kind;
To destroy a wealth of promise?
He cannot be so blind.
He hides like a hunter behind his slew of guns,
But as the guilty hunted, he will always run.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Music In My Blood

There's no songs for now
and I'm not a fool;
I know this time
will leave me soon. 
I know these feelings,
yet again,
will cease and leave me. 
I won't pretend
that this is right
and I don't know. 
I know the way that
my heart flows, 
but if distraction
keeps me sane, 
then bring perfection;
come once again.