Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Broken Sonnet

A stumble into remnants of
a lost understanding of the world
permits friendships rekindled,
love reunited. But it was not
the same that was felt before.
Friends had become but
foreign strangers; and stranger still
were the friendly strangers
of new. All things do not heal
with time, but everything changes
as the sun rises and falls.
Just the haunting of 'once were''s
and 'never again''s are left
in the chapel. Tomorrow has come.
The melting of time is a reality of now and never.
Let tomorrow always come, and memories last forever.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moving Forward From Yesterday

I see the ruins of yesterday
in a window, empty and cold.
I never wished for it to end,
but maybe it's now over;

maybe it is time to move on.
I still don't wish it to be so;
they were times of laughter
and happiness; times of another family.

But times must change.

Maybe I can salvage the meaning
of those times yet gone.
If it is time for change, then
maybe I can use those meanings

to build a future in my own world.
I must look forward and not
long for those days; they will
come again in newer ways.

But times must change.